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last news on imelda marcos P.O. Box 225   Elliston,  MT  59728

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UPDATE: PALADIN ARMORY COMES HOME! We are still in business and building custom firearms, but the owner has now retired from active military service and relocated the company to rural Montana.  Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

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Welcome to the world of exotic "NFA" firearms.   Illustrated on these pages are some of the National Firearms Act (NFA) registered suppressors (silencers), suppressed rifles and pistols; short-barreled shotguns (SBS); smooth bore pistols (AOW); short-barreled rifles (SBR); machine guns; and custom tactical/scout carbines we manufacture here in our facilities.  We also reactivate DEWATs and can assemble your parts kit with the proper paperwork.  In addition, we are set up to refinish, repair, and custom engrave firearms.  We even have a discount page where you can browse through a wide variety of firearms (both conventional and NFA) and accessories we have on inventory CLOSEOUT.

We can custom design or alter most firearms to meet your needs, so if you don't see what you want, please contact us and we'll work with you to build the firearm you desire.  In the process, we will advise you on what we think will work and won't work, what is safe and what is not, and what is legal and what is not.  Our ultimate goal is to combine ingenious design with quality workmanship to produce firearms that meet your personal preferences or specifications.  To back our promise, we provide a one year warranty for repair or replacement on any of our workmanship.

Perhaps you are uncertain what it is you need, or wonder whether it is practical or justified.  NFA firearms sometimes appear daunting or even sinister.  But in truth they fill a variety of niches.  For example, the original concept for the silencer was to allow backyard target practice and introductory firearms training.  It performs essentially the same function as a car muffler.  The notion of it as an assassin's weapon was largely a fiction created by Hollywood in the 1930's and sustained to this day.   In truth, a silencer does not silence a firearm anymore than a muffler silences a car engine.  It simply suppresses the sound level to a point where, hopefully, the shooter can fire a pistol or rifle without the need for wearing hearing protection.   However, if the bullet being fired reaches the transonic range (beginning at approximately 92% the speed of sound), it will produce a constant distinctive, loud crack.   The bullet will cease "cracking" when it drops below the transonic range, and the crack (or sonic boom) will dissipate.  The crack will not expose the shooter's position because the sound wave radiates outward.   When the wave strikes an object, it bounces off it at various angles, further distorting the origin of the sound.  The suppressor also muffles the muzzle blast and flash of the firearm, thus further concealing the location of the shooter.  It is for these reasons that most aficionados prefer to use the more descriptive term “sound suppressor” instead of silencer.


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short barrel rifle and short barrel shotgun are designed with handiness as their primary attribute.  This feature is particularly desirable when you wish to store or transport a firearm in a vehicle, carry it through heavy brush, or maneuver in the tight confines of a bedroom or hallway.  Other than that they function the same as any other rifle or shotgun.

Most smooth bore pistols are variations on the short barrel shotgun, but use a pistol grip in lieu of a buttstock.  This provides greater maneuverability in very close confines, such as occur in stake-out situations and room-to-room searches.  

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The last news on imelda marcoslast news on imelda marcos machine gun combines the attributes of the rifle and shotgun (while the submachine gun combines the attributes of the pistol and shotgun).  It has somewhat greater range and penetration than the shotgun and greater hit probability and stopping power than the pistol.  It is Jack of all trades and master of none.  At close range the shotgun is deadlier, at medium to long range the rifle is far superior.  In all cases the pistol is handier and more concealable.  Yet the machine gun in all its various forms holds a mystique that is difficult to justify.  Again we must default to Hollywood's very visual expression of this particular firearm as the personification of raw and deadly accurate power.  The truth is somewhat more subdued.  Any properly trained soldier or police officer can be taught to ignore the sound and fury of machine gun fire and focus instead on its true strengths and weaknesses.  But to the average public, it  remains a powerful psychological force, one to be irrationally feared because we are conditioned by society to view it that way.  Anyone who has been granted the opportunity to shoot one, quickly discovers the Achilles heal of this weapon, while at the same time receiving quite an adrenaline rush from the false sense of firepower.  However, there is no denying that shooting machine guns is just plain fun!

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Our services are available to all government military, law enforcement, and security organizations; private companies; firearms dealers; and private individuals who comply with the applicable Federal and State laws.  If you're a novice or need more clarification, then click
LEGAL TIPS for a short history and explanation of the Federal laws controlling NFA manufacturing, distribution, and ownership. 

For ordering information click ORDERS, or to learn more about our company, click HISTORY.  To view our product line and services, select anyone of the icons below.  If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us at  We enjoy answering client questions and should be able to build a custom suppressor or firearm tailored to fit your individual needs.  After all, that's our specialty.  And as always, enjoy safe shooting!


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